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How to Determine the Source of Stepper Motor Noise?

When the stepper motor produces noise, it is necessary to first confirm the source of the noise, and then take a corresponding solution.

The cause of the noise can be determined in the following ways:

Check whether it is the resonance of the motor

When the speed of the stepper motor is within the resonance zone, the motor will resonate and make noise.
Please try to adjust the speed of the motor to see if the noise is improved. If so, you can refer to this article for follow-up processing:
Resonance of a Stepper Motor

Check whether the noise is generated by the motor itself

When the motor is in use, due to various reasons, the motor may be slightly deformed, causing the stator and rotor of the motor to contact and rub, resulting in noise.
Please try to remove the motor and turn the motor shaft by hand to see if there is any jamming. If there is, there is friction between the stator and rotor of the motor.
Please check the operating environment of the motor or contact after-sales service.

Check whether the noise is generated by other parts near the motor

There may also be noise from other parts near the motor that can be mistaken for the noise of the motor.
The inspection method is the same as above, if there is no jam, the motor is normal.
Please check the condition of other parts, find the source of the noise and solve it.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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