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Stepper Motor Does Not Rotate After Connecting to the Driver

This is a quick troubleshooting guide on how to resolve the issue of a stepper motor not rotating after connecting it to a driver, applicable to all stepper drivers from STEPPERONLINE.
Here is the video how to solve this issue.
And the following is the text.

Firstly, you can perform the following steps to troubleshoot the problem:

1. Double-check all the wiring. You may need to refer to the manuals of both the motor and driver.

Note: It's better to test the motor and driver separately instead of installing them in your production equipment to eliminate other interfering factors.

Note: The wire colors in the picture are for display only. For the actual correct wiring sequence, please refer to the motor drawing !

2. Check if the power voltage and signal voltage of the driver are correct. In particular, make sure the signal voltage set by the driver matches the voltage provided by the controller. According to our feedback records, 40-50% of the motors do not turn because of this reason. Because the control signal voltage is 5V, and the driver defaults to 24V.

3. Try disconnecting the ENA+/- interface if you have connected it.

4. Power on the driver without sending any pulse signals and check whether the motor is locked. If it is a closed-loop motor, you can set the driver to open-loop mode, usually by setting SW6 to on, and then check whether the motor can run. If it can run, then there is probably a problem with the encoder part.

5. Power on the driver and send pulse signals to see if the driver gives an alarm. Record the number of alarms displayed on the driver and refer to the "Troubleshooting Table" in the driver's manual to check each potential problem. Usually, you can find the "Troubleshooting Table" in the driver's manual.

6. If you have other motors or drivers, you can perform a cross-test to determine if the problem lies with the motor or driver.

7. Check whether the pulse mode setting is correct. Some drivers can be set to the type of input pulse signal (usually SW7), so you need to select the corresponding pulse mode according to the signal type provided.

If the problems still persist after you tried the above steps, we need more detailed information to further investigate the issue. Please provide us with the following:

1. Photos

We need at least two photos that show as much connection details as possible, such as how the driver, motor, controller, and power supply are connected.

2. Video

A video recorded with a mobile phone after powering on, showing the blinking indicator lights on the driver or twisting the motor shaft with your hand, or any other important information you think might be helpful. This is optional.

3. Description

Briefly describe the tests you have conducted and the corresponding results.

You can submit the above information by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right corner of the STEPPERONLINE website, and we will reply to you within 12 hours.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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