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Which Driver to Choose When It Is Necessary to Read the Motor Operating Parameters?

If you need to read motor operating parameters, we recommend using RS series drivers instead of T series drivers.

The reasons are as follows:

T series drivers do not support reading data, including open loop T series drivers (DM***T) and closed loop T series drivers (CL**T).

Although some T series drivers have an RS232 interface and support software debugging, their RS232 interface can only be used to debug the motor, not to read data.

RS t series drivers can read data, including RS series open loop drivers (DM***RS) and RS series closed loop drivers (CL**RS).

Our RS series drivers have RS485 interface and support Modbus RS485 protocol. They have a built-in 16-segment position display that can be read with our software.
So if you need to read out the operating data of the motor, we recommend the drivers of the series RS.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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