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According to the Shipment Status, My Shipment Has Been Delivered, But I Have Not Received It Yet. What Can I Do?

Please first check to whom the parcel has been delivered.

Normally, the results page of shipment tracking will tell you where the shipment was delivered to and if it was received by the original recipient - you, a relative, a neighbor, or any other person. "Letterbox" means that the item has been deposited directly in your letterbox.

If the parcel has been delivered to the neighbor and you do not know or cannot find him, please be patient and see if he comes to you.

If he has not contacted you after 48 hours, please contact STEPPERONLINE and the local logistics service provider. Typically, you can find the logistics service provider's official phone number via the tracking link provided.

And if the tracking page doesn't show who received the package, we suggest contacting STEPPERONLINE and checking with family members, friends, or colleagues who may have signed for the package on your behalf. You can also directly contact the local logistics service provider and confirm the delivery address and delivery status based on the tracking number provided by us.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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