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What Are the Abnormal Statuses in Logistics?

After an order is shipped from STEPPERONLINE, the normal logistics status is as follows:

However, in actual logistics transportation, it is inevitable that abnormal situations may occur. If you find that your order logistics has the following abnormal situations, you can contact STEPPERONLINE:

1. Logistics has no updates for more than a week

If your order has no logistics updates for more than a week after it is shipped, it may be lost or damaged and returned to the sender, or the logistics waybill may have been changed but the new waybill information was not updated in time. This situation mostly occurs with packages sent from the German warehouse. If you encounter the above situation, you can contact STEPPERONLINE customer service to confirm the status and location of the package as soon as possible.

2. Logistics repeatedly displays the same information, such as repeated customs clearance operations

If logistics repeatedly displays certain information, it indicates that the package may not be able to clear customs normally or is stuck at a certain express station. If you find this situation, please first contact your local logistics provider, as they may be trying to contact you to assist them in clearing customs. If the problem is still not resolved, please contact STEPPERONLINE.

3. Logistics shows that the package has been signed for, but the goods have not been received

If this happens, you can contact the local logistics provider or post office to confirm the location and voucher for the signed package, and provide this information to STEPPERONLINE customer service personnel. STEPPERONLINE will confirm with the logistics provider whether the package has actually been delivered, in order to submit subsequent claims, resend or refund.

Other situations that are not mentioned above may also occur during package transportation. If you are unsure whether the status is normal, you can directly contact STEPPERONLINE customer service and the local logistics provider to confirm the current status of the package.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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