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Can STEPPERONLINE Provide More Discounts?

Whether STEPPERONLINE can provide further discounts depends on the specific quantity of each product in the order. Usually there are three situations as follows.

1. The amount of products is less than 100 pieces

Currently, the lowest prices STEPPERONLINE can offer for product quantities below 100 pieces are already displayed on the website, and we are convinced of the competitiveness of our offers.

2. The amount of products is more than 100 pieces

If you buy more than 100 pieces of the product, STEPPERONLINE may offer a lower price than on the website, but the specific discount ratio must be confirmed with the sales representative.

3. Customized products

If you require customized products from STEPPERONLINE, the discount is usually determined by the current quantity of the product and future purchase volume, with specific pricing determined by the sales representative.

In addition to the three direct product discounts mentioned above, STEPPERONLINE has also set up some special programs to reward all visitors. These programs currently include:
All users can subscribe to the STEPPERONLINE email list to receive an unconditional coupon for $5 or its equivalent in another currency on the website.
Competition teams and educational institutions can apply to participate in our competition sponsorship and educational sponsorship by clicking on the appropriate links to submit their application.
If you are an influencer, you can also join our influencer program and earn generous commissions
If you are in the same industry as we are and have stable distribution channels, you can apply to become a STEPPERONLINE distributor in your region. We will offer you the most favorable distribution prices.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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