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How to Purchase Bulk Goods From STEPPERONLINE's US and German Warehouses?

STEPPERONLINE's US and German warehouses are the two largest warehouses outside of China, and we ship approximately one 20-foot container of goods to each warehouse every month.

There are many benefits to purchasing in bulk from our US and German warehouses:
Local inventory without the need to pay warehousing fees
No complex import procedures or additional tariffs
Fast delivery speed
Lower total cost compared to shipping from our China warehouse

However, there are also some drawbacks:

Limited inventory quantity
Longer lead time for restocking if inventory runs out, with 10-15 days for air shipping and 2-3 months for ocean shipping

If you have periodic large-scale purchasing plans, whether for standard or custom models, choosing to ship from overseas warehouses can significantly reduce your inventory and logistics costs. 

STEPPERONLINE will bear the costs and risks of warehousing, and the transportation cost of ocean shipping is only 10%-20% of air or express shipping. 

In addition, STEPPERONLINE will handle all customs clearance procedures, so you only need to wait for the goods to arrive.

The specific operational process is as follows:

Sign a periodic purchasing contract with STEPPERONLINE, preferably for a purchasing plan of 6 months or more.
STEPPERONLINE will develop production and shipping plans based on the purchasing plan.
Our goods will be shipped to the designated warehouse along with STEPPERONLINE's monthly container shipments.
STEPPERONLINE will handle all import clearance procedures and pay all customs fees.
After the warehouse receives the goods, STEPPERONLINE will ship them to you via local logistics channels.

Contact our customer service representatives to submit your purchasing plan now!

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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