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Does the Price Include the Tariff? If not, How Much Tariff Will We Have to Pay?

Normally there is no any tax in products prices and shipping cost. Please kindly note that STEPPERONLINE isn't responsible for any taxes or duties.

Because we have paid import duties on the products stored overseas. Normally you just need to pay for tax for goods ship from China.

Express like DHL or Fedex will contact you to pay for tax before delivering and you just need to do according to their instructions. If you expect to know how much taxes you need to pay before ordering, it will be better to check with local post office or customs for import policy of your country before ordering.

Starting July 1, 2021, VAT must be collected on commercial imports in all 27 EU member states with a total shipment value under €150. Customers from EU countries have to pay VAT by yourselves for goods ship from China. For further details, please contact local post office or customs. 

27 Jan. 2024 Update:

Do STEPPERONLINE product prices include duties, VAT and other taxes?

Goods shipped from China warehouses do not include any taxes such as customs duties and value-added tax. Customers may need to pay additional duties and VAT to local customs before receiving the goods.
Goods shipped from warehouses in the Germany, the United Kingdom and France include customs duties and VAT. Local customers do not need to pay these two fees. . However, if cross-country transactions occur, there may be a slight difference in VAT that needs to be paid, depending on the VAT rates in different countries.
Get informatino about Import Tax & VAT.

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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