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After Placing An Order, Why No Logistics Update?

Normally, if a customer successfully places and pays for an order on our website and there are no out-of-stock products in the order, the order will be shipped from our designated warehouse within 24 hours, and the logistics tracking number will be updated within 1-2 days.

If there is no logistics update for a long time after placing an order, there may be several reasons:

1. The order was not successfully paid for.

STEPPERONLINE orders have three main statuses: pending, failed, and processing. Only processing indicates that the order has been successfully paid for and can be shipped. The other two statuses indicate that the order has not yet been successful and will not be shipped. After placing an order, we suggest that you confirm the order status first.

If the status is processing, please contact STEPPERONLINE in a timely manner, and we will arrange for someone to follow up on your logistics update issue.

If the status is pending or failed, please first confirm whether your payment account has been successfully charged. 

If it has been charged, please contact STEPPERONLINE promptly and provide your order number and relevant payment evidence screenshots so that we can process it promptly. 

If no payment has been made, it means that the order has not been successfully paid for. We suggest that you reorder and arrange for payment, and we will arrange for shipping within 24 hours after receiving the order and payment.

2. Some products in the order are out of stock.

Normally, if some products in the order are out of stock, we will send you an email within 24 hours to confirm whether to replace, remove the relevant products or split the order to arrange for shipping as soon as possible. The email may be marked as spam, so please check your inbox or spam folder.

3. The order has been shipped, but the logistics provider has not provided a waybill number or the logistics information has not been updated.

This situation is usually caused by the logistics provider's system not updating the logistics information in a timely manner. STEPPERONLINE regularly checks whether the logistics of all in-transit orders have been updated. If there is no update for more than a week, we will confirm with the logistics provider whether there is any exception and notify the customer in a timely manner.

Note: For orders shipped from China to Japan using the Sagawa Express CN transportation method, the initial tracking information for the China to Japan leg may not be available online. The tracking updates will only start once the package arrives in Japan. Therefore, we recommend customers to track their package after 4-5 days from receiving the tracking number.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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