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How to Cancel an Order?

If you wish to cancel an order after placing it, please click on the green button on the bottom right of the website to open a chat window. You only need to provide the following two pieces of information:

Order number. If you do not know the order number, you can also provide the recipient's name or the email address used when placing the order.
Reason for canceling the order.

Reasons for canceling may include:

Product out of stock
Shipping time issue
Change of mind
Wrong/multiple items selected
Incorrect address information
Price higher than other platforms

Typically, as long as the goods have not been shipped, we will arrange for the cancellation of the order or a refund immediately. If the goods have already been shipped, we will try to intercept the order and respond to you promptly.

Note: To speed up the processing, please do not contact your bank directly for a refund, as this will increase the processing time for our refund.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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