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How to Check Product Inventory?

You can directly visit our website and go to the product page you are interested in. By using the "Switch Warehouse" button, you can view the inventory of the corresponding warehouse.

If the product is in stock, the available quantity will be displayed.

If the product is out of stock, it will be indicated as "out of stock."

Additionally, if a product in your shopping cart is displayed in red with asterisks (*) next to it, it means that the inventory is insufficient.

For items that are out of stock or have limited inventory, you can contact our customer service to inquire about the estimated time of arrival.

In addition, for products in transit from overseas warehouses, we have marked the estimated arrival time and product quantity on the product page

The number of days shown after In Stock indicates that the product is currently out of stock in the corresponding warehouse and is expected to be replenished within these days.

For products that are out of stock or have insufficient inventory, you can also contact our customer service to confirm the arrival time.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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