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How to Choose a Power Supply for My Stepper Motor?

When using a stepper motor, you'll need a power supply to give power to stepper motor. A right power supply can make your stepper motor working at optimum performance, Instead, a wrong power supply might cause low performance or larger waste of energy.

Below are few tips for choosing Power Supply:

Confirm motor's rated current. You can find it at motor datasheet.
Confirm driving voltage. Driving voltage is main factor when choosing a power supply. Normally, higher voltage will have better performance.

Below table are the recommend voltage for stepper motors, you can choose a driving a right voltage as per your application.

Calculate the power value. We provide a simple formula for you: P=n*I*V*1.2

P: Power value
n: Number of stepper motors
I: Motor rated current
V: Driving voltage
1.2: meaning 20% of margin

eg. 3 units of motors with 3A rated current each and driving voltage is 36V, the estimate power is about: 3*3A*36V*1.2=388.8W. so, you can choose an 36V 400w power supplier.

Please note that this formula is only an estimate of power and that different operating conditions will require different power.
For example, in a 3-axis system, not all three motors operate simultaneously, and not all three motors operate at maximum load, etc. In such cases, the power value may be lower than the value calculated by the formula.

Of course, STEPPERONLINE technical staff can also recommend suitable drivers and power supplies.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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