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What the Differences Between the HE, HS and HP Motors?

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we have three main production bases for stepper motors, and each production base produces different series of products.

The main difference is:

Version of MotorEconomy VersionStandard VersionProfessional Version
AdvantagesHigh cost performanceGood performance with reasonable priceHigh performance
Raw Materials of Motor(Stator, magnetic steel, enameled wire, etc.)High cost-effective raw materials, using standard molds from B-class suppliers in the marketStandard raw materials, using standard molds from A-class suppliers in the marketHigh-performance raw materials, using exclusively developed exclusive molds with optimized performance
Performance of MotorSuitable for low-speed application scenarios, the motor has 50% more torque than competing products in supermarketsSuitable for medium and low-speed application scenarios, the motor has 5-10% more torque than the economic versionSuitable for medium and high-speed application scenarios, with lower temperature rise and 10-15% more torque than the standard version
Application of Motor3D printing machines, stage lighting, security surveillance, household appliances3D printing machines, engraving machines, medical equipment, robots, automation equipment, household appliancesMedical equipment, aviation, energy, high-precision automation equipment

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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