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What is the Difference Between T-series and Y-series Stepper Drives and T-series and E-series Servo Drives?

Before explaining the differences between the various series, we would like to introduce STEPPERONLINE's competitive mechanism. To make our team more dynamic, we have formed two technical teams composed of different technical leaders and members with different design philosophies that do not interfere with each other.

For the same product, each team launches its own product and chooses different supply chains to complete the packaging and testing of the product. This is also the origin of the different product series. The final product is brought to market, and customers and sales decide whether the product stays or goes.

This competitive mechanism ensures that STEPPERONLINE has a relatively strong competitive position in the market. Therefore, the main difference between these series lies in the design solutions and OEM manufacturers.

Update until February 2023:

Stepper drive: the T series has a lower defect rate and higher stability in most applications, while the Y series has a higher defect rate in some areas. The main difference lies in the manufacturing capacity of OEM manufacturers.

Of course, this is not to say that the Y series is not recommended. If you are already using a Y series drive and getting better results from it, you can continue to use it and we will always supply it.

Servo drive: T series(T6) is suitable for applications with medium to high performance requirements, with debuggable software, with higher performance and stability. The E series(E6) is for applications with low and medium performance requirements, with extremely high cost performance. 

The difference between the two series is determined by the market positioning of the team at the beginning of the program design.

We will continue to update this page to provide timely feedback on market response to our products.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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