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The Contents of My Shipment Are Damaged or Missing. What Can I Do?

Our items are packed with care before dispatch, but we realize that despite these precautions, damage may still occur.

If the package you receive is damaged or has signs of repackaging, and the products inside are damaged or lost, please contact the local logistics provider immediately to file a complaint. At the same time, please contact our customer service to provide the outer packaging of the package. Invoices, photos of received products and barcodes so that we can follow up and process them in a timely manner.

During the entire process, STEPPERONLINE will keep in touch with you and actively arrange for reissue of products or refunds.

Please note that for packages transported by DHL Paket, please follow the steps below to register:

Download the damage notification form and fill it in completely.
Print out the completed form, sign it and hand it in at a postal outlet together with the damaged item (including all parts of the shipment).
After the damage has been assessed at the responsible parcel center, you will receive your shipment and the inspection result after approximately 14 days from receipt of the complaint at the postal outlet.

Click here to go to the damage notification form.

Note: Any damage or loss to the contents must be reported in writing to a postal outlet within 7 days of delivery.

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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