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The Package Shows That it Has Been Signed for, but the Goods Have not Been Received, What Should I do?

If your package shows as delivered but you have not received it, or if you received it but some items are missing, please contact STEPPERONLINE immediately and provide video or photo evidence. We will promptly confirm with the logistics provider whether the package was delivered to the wrong person or place, and whether any damage occurred during delivery or transportation. We recommend taking the following steps based on the two scenarios:

1. If the package was signed for but not received

We suggest contacting STEPPERONLINE and checking with family members, friends, or colleagues who may have signed for the package on your behalf. You can also directly contact the local logistics service provider and confirm the delivery address and delivery status based on the tracking number provided by us. Typically, you can find the logistics service provider's official phone number via the tracking link provided.

2. If the package was signed for but items are missing

Please check the package's exterior for damage and report any missing items to the local post office or logistics provider. At the same time, we will confirm with our warehouse whether the products inside the package match your order. Throughout the process, STEPPERONLINE will keep in touch with you and actively arrange for re-shipment or refund.

Normally, the processing time for lost packages or missing items is 7-10 working days. We will compensate or arrange for re-shipment based on the final situation. If you have an urgent need for the products, we can arrange for re-shipment as soon as possible. If the missing package or item is found after you receive the replacement, you can return it to us. Of course, if you wish to keep the found package or item, we would be happy to see that too.

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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