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What Do the Five Statuses of the STEPPERONLINE Order Mean?

In general, STEPPERONLINE orders have 5 status: Processing, Shipped, Completed, Pending, and Failed.

The order status in the normal processing flow is as follows:

The specific explanations for each status are as follows:

1. Processing

This status means that the order has been successfully paid and STEPPERONLINE has confirmed receipt of the full payment. The order is being prepared for shipment and will be shipped within 24 hours.

2. Shipped

After the order is shipped, the status will change from Processing to Shipped. You will receive an email notification after the order has been shipped, which will include the tracking number and tracking link for your order.

3. Completed

This status indicates that the order has been successfully completed and you have received the order package.

4. Pending

Pending means that the order has not yet been fully paid. You may have not yet paid or the payment has not yet been received by STEPPERONLINE's account. Only orders using bank transfer payment method may have a Pending status. We check our bank account every day, and once we receive your payment, we will change the status to Processing. If you can provide us with a payment receipt after payment, we would appreciate it.

5. Failed

Orders that fail to be paid will be marked as Failed. The reasons for payment failure may be network issues, incorrect payment information, or insufficient credit card balance, etc. Please continue to try again or use an appropriate credit card to place a new order.

There is no need to worry about Failed orders, as we regularly cancel these orders

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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