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When Will the Pre-order Products be Shipped After Placing An Order? Can I Cancel the Order?

Once you have completed your order with pre-order products, our customer service team will proactively contact you to give you an approximate delivery time. As the delivery cycle of pre-sale items differs from regular stock items, we recommend that you place separate orders for pre-order items and stock items to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

If you change your mind after completing an order for a pre-orderproduct and no longer need the product, you can cancel the order at any time before it ships and we will process the refund for you promptly. You can contact STEPPERONLINE customer service via online chat, email or phone and they will assist you in canceling the order in question.

Please note, however, that the stock of your canceled order may have been blocked by other customer orders as soon as it enters the system. Therefore, if you place another order for the same product, you may have to wait for another stocking cycle. Please understand and arrange your shopping plan accordingly.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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