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Why Does the Stepper Motor Lose Phase and What is Its Performance

What is a stepping motor phase loss

The lack of phase of the stepper motor means that during the operation of the stepper motor, the current of a certain phase cannot pass normally, resulting in the failure of the phase to generate a magnetic field, which in turn causes the stepper motor to lose its stepping drive ability.

Performance of stepping motor phase loss

The motor cannot start, only vibrates;
The motor can rotate, but the vibration is very large, and there may be a few steps of forward rotation and a few steps of reverse rotation;

Note: The performance of the stepping motor when the phase is missing is similar to that of a stall, but from the reason for the missing phase, it can be seen that the motor has no holding torque when the phase is missing. Therefore, it can be judged from the perspective of holding torque whether the motor is out of phase or locked.

Possible causes of phase loss

The signal of the controller is abnormal: check whether the controller is faulty.
The driver is damaged: to judge whether the internal circuit of the driver is damaged, it can be judged by the cross test.
The cable or connector is disconnected: Check whether the cable is disconnected and whether the connector is in poor contact.
Wrong wiring: Check whether the wiring sequence of the motor is correct.
The internal coil of the motor is broken: If the above inspections are all right, the motor should be broken.

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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