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Will Certain Products be Discontinued (in the future), and Can You Ensure Continuous Supply?

Generally, we will not discontinue a product arbitrarily, even if it has only one customer for a long time. Why would we give up business opportunities?

Of course, unexpected things can happen, and we may stop production in the following two cases:

We have upgraded the product, and the previous generation of products may be discontinued, but not necessarily. Usually, the new version will be compatible with the previous generation of products, and its performance will be better.
When a supplier of some core components of the product announces that they will discontinue production, and we cannot find a suitable substitute, we have to stop production. This has not happened in the past decade.

However, regardless of the situation, we will notify our customers in advance.

In addition, when the sales volume of a product does not meet the minimum stocking quantity, we will reduce or even suspend the inventory in the warehouse.

These products usually have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) set on the website. If your demand meets the MOQ, we can specially stock it for you, but the delivery time needs to be further consulted with our sales representative.

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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