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Difference Between Star and Delta Connection of Brushless Motor

The winding inside the brushless motor has three phase wires with a total of 6 positive and negative poles. When wiring, however, there are only three lead wires U, V and W, so the three phase wires of the motor must be connected together. There are two common connection methods: delta connection and star connection (Y-shaped).

What are delta connection and star (Y-shaped) connection?

Delta connection: Connect the three-phase windings of the motor to each other from beginning to end, and the three endpoints are the lead-out connection points. The three phase wires are similar in shape to a delta, so they are called delta connections.

Star(Y-shaped) connection: Connect the three-phase ends of the motor windings together, and the first end of the three-phases is the lead-out connection point. The root phase wire is similar to a star in shape, or similar to the letter Y, so it is called star connection or Y-shaped connection.

The difference between delta connection and star (Y-shaped) connection

a. Delta connection

The mains voltage of a motor in delta connection is equal to the phase voltage, and the mains current is √3 times the phase current.
This type of connection has a higher starting torque and helps to increase performance. The disadvantage is that the starting current is high.

b. Star connection (Y-connection)

The mains current of a motor connected in a star (Y-shaped) circuit is equal to the phase current, and the mains voltage is √3 times the phase voltage.
The starting current is lower with this type of connection, the voltage of each phase is lower and the mains voltage is higher. The disadvantage is that the power of the motor is lower and the torque is lower than the delta connection method.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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