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Do You Have an Interface Board for Mach Software or a Stepper Motor Controller?

At present, STEPPERONLINE does not sell separate stepper motor controllers, including interface cards for Mach software. Please note that we refer to controllers, not drivers.

Here are some suggestions about controllers:

For professional industrial applications, you can search Google for companies that specialize in providing controller cards. However, we do not recommend buying cheap control cards on eBay, as they may not provide adequate after-sales service.
For DIYers, we recommend using Arduino and Raspberry Pi, both of which are open-source hardware that has been proven to control stepper motors. Also, both of these platforms have active forums where you can find answers to almost any question.

If you only need to control stepper motors in a simple way, such as starting and stopping the motor using switches, or adjusting speed using a potentiometer, we have some stepper drivers that integrate controller functions. For more product information, please refer to the link Stepper Driver with Controller (

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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