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Driver's Half-flow Hold Function

What is the half-flow hold function of the drive?

The driver's half-current hold feature is a stepper motor driver feature used to hold half the current when the motor stops turning. This means that even if the motor is not moving, the drive will still provide enough current to maintain the motor's position.

What is the function of semi-flow holding function?

The semi-flow hold function has several functions. First, it prevents the stepper motor from losing position when it stops turning. Secondly, it can reduce the power consumption and heat generation of the motor in a stationary state. Finally, it improves the responsiveness of the system because the motor does not need to wait for current to re-establish when it needs to be restarted.

How to enable the half-flow hold function of the driver?

Enabling the half-flow hold function of the driver usually requires corresponding adjustments in the driver's settings or configuration. Among the many dials of the driver, SW4 plays exactly such a role. As shown in the figure, when the dial is in the "off" state, the half-flow hold function is turned on; when the dial is in the "on" state, the half-flow hold function is turned off. Currently, our company's open-loop drivers that support this function are: DM422T , DM542T, DM556T, DM860T, DM2282T. Our company’s closed-loop drive
The driver has the function of automatically adjusting the winding current according to the load, which also plays the same role.

What impact does the half-flow hold function have on stepper motors?

The semi-flow hold function provides a certain amount of holding force, allowing the stepper motor to maintain position when it stops turning. However, the half-current hold feature may reduce the stepper motor's maximum torque because only half the current is supplied. Therefore, the need for torque and position maintenance needs to be weighed when choosing to use the half-flow hold function.

What applications is the semi-flow hold function suitable for?

The semi-flow hold function is suitable for applications that require stepper motors to maintain position when they stop rotating, such as precision positioning systems, automation equipment, and robots. It provides better position control and system stability.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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