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How to Choose a 3D Printer Motor?

Recently, STEPPERONLINE has discovered that many customers have encountered problems when choosing replacement motors for 3D printers. After our investigation, it was mostly due to the inconsistent wiring sequence between the motor control board and the motor.
Therefore, in order to help you better choose the accessory motors for 3D printers, STEPPERONLINE provides you with the following suggestions:

It is best to give us the drawings of the original motor so that we can provide you with accurate suggestions; if not, you can provide the dimensions of the motor (including the shaft) and photos of the motor.
Confirm whether the wire sequence of the motor interface in your controller is consistent with the wire sequence of the motor we provide.

We have selected several control panels with different logos to illustrate. As shown in the following pictures, where the motor is connected, there will be a mark like "2B 1B 1A 2A" (different brands of printers have different marks here). This is the pin sequence of the motor.

Taking figure below as an example, you need to confirm that the four pins "2B 1B 1A 2A" correspond to the A+ of the motor? A-? B+? B-? this point is very important. If the pin sequence is incorrect, the motor and control board may be burned out.

For example, the current motor line sequence of STEPPERONLINE is usually black (A+) green (A-) red (B+) blue (B-). If the control board 2B 1B 1A 2A corresponds to A+B+A-B-. Then once the motor is connected at this time, the motor will lose phase due to incorrect wiring, continue to vibrate, and cannot operate normally. In severe cases, the internal winding may even be burned out.

We have made a simple table for your reference. Here we assume that the four wires of the motor correspond to the four pins of the controller in order. Then the correct result of the wire sequence should be as follows:

Motor Wire SequenceBlack(A+)Green(A-)Red(B+)Blue(B-)
Control Board 12B(A+)1B(A-)1A(B+)2A(B-)
Control Board 22B(A+)2A(A-)1A(B+)1B(B-)

If you find that our motor wire sequence is inconsistent with your controller interface wire sequence during use, the solution is as follows:

① If the motor wire does not have a connector, you only need to reconnect it according to the correct wire sequence;
② If the motor has a connector, you can use four wires, insert one end into the connector according to the wiring sequence of the control board, and connect the other end directly to the control board, or remove the connector and reconnect it.
③ If you find that the wire sequence is inconsistent before purchasing the motor, you can also contact us to customize the connector wire sequence you need (similarly, you need to provide us with the wire sequence of the controller)

In addition to this, please confirm the insulation level of the motor you require. In 3D printers, some motors are required to have an insulation level of CLASS H and a temperature resistance of 180°C. The insulation level of our conventional motors is CLASS B, with a temperature resistance of 130°C. In this case, it is recommended that you choose our high-temperature motors:

Finally, if there is no motor that meets your requirements in the STEPPERONLIN website, please contact us and we can provide you with complete customization services according to your needs, such as motor size, current, insulation level, connectors, etc.

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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