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How to Choose and Connect Stepper Motor Brake?

What are brakes?

Brakes are also called brakes. Brakes are devices that have the function of decelerating, stopping or maintaining a stopped state of moving parts (or moving machinery).

According to the braking principle, it can be divided into power-off braking and -on braking.

The difference between the two is whether the motor can be kept at the current position when the power is off. When the power is off and the brake is in the energized state, the current passes through the coil to generate magnetic force, which attracts the separation of the brake pad and the brake disc, allowing the device to work normally when the device is powered on; when the device is suddenly powered off, the coil generates magnetic force due to no current. Release the brake pad, and under the action of the spring, the brake pad will be pushed to rub against the brake disc, causing braking to stop the transmission components connected to it to achieve the purpose of braking.

All brakes sold by our company are power-off brakes, which are divided into electromagnetic brakes (Figure 1) and permanent magnet brakes (Figure 2). The structures of the two are different.

Figure 1. electromagnetic brakes

Figure 2. permanent magnet brakes

For electromagnetic brakes, you need to pay attention to the following points when selecting:
Does the motor have a rear axle? Can the size of the rear axle match the brake?
Does the rear end cover of the motor have mounting holes corresponding to the brakes? Are the mounting hole sizes consistent?

Only if the above conditions are met, it can be installed directly; if not, we also provide customized motor services to meet your needs as much as possible.
Our company sells three types of electromagnetic brakes: SWB-01, SWB-03, and SWB-05. Their adapted body sizes are as follows for your reference:

SWB-01 is suitable for NEMA17 motors
SWB-03 is suitable for NEMA23/24 motors
SWB-05 is suitable for NEMA34 motors

It is particularly important to note that the brakes sold by our company must use a 24VDC power supply when connecting. If you want to connect a driver, you can also use our company's DM860T, CL42T-V41, CL57T, CL57T-V41, CL86T, CL86T-V41 drivers all have brake interfaces, and their wiring methods are as follows:

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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