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How to Correctly Disassemble and Assemble the Ball Screw Nut?

The ball screw is a precision component. When installing and using it, care must be taken to avoid knocking or colliding with the screw, and to avoid hitting the surface of the screw with sharp objects or tools. In addition, you need to be careful not to separate the nut and screw of the ball screw or to exceed the stroke of the nut, otherwise the steel balls inside the nut will fall off and cause damage. If the steel ball falls off accidentally, please do not force it back by yourself, otherwise the ball screw may become stuck.

If you need to remove or install the nut of the ball screw, please follow the steps below to avoid the ball from falling off.

Prepare tools
Before removing the nut, you need to prepare a conversion tube. The conversion tube is a cylinder with a diameter slightly smaller than the minor diameter of the screw rod, and the length must be longer than the length of the nut.

Disassembly or installation
a. Align the conversion tube with the end of the lead screw and tighten it without leaving any gaps.

b. Unscrew the nut along the thread of the screw rod

c. Turn all the nuts onto the conversion tube or lead screw

Note: The entire stroke of the nut must be transferred to the conversion tube or screw rod before the conversion tube can be removed!

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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