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How to Ensure Motor and Gearbox Fit?

The motor shaft and the input hole of the gearbox must match

It should be noted that the shaft diameter of the motor and the input hole diameter of the gearbox must be the same, and the shaft length of the motor shaft must also be within the allowable range of the gearbox.
In order to meet the needs of some customers, some of our motors and gearboxes are designed with short shaft versions. These motors and gearboxes will not fit standard gearboxes and motors. Therefore, when selecting the motor and gearbox, attention should be paid to the appropriate fit of the shaft diameter and shaft length.
The shaft diameter and length of the motor, as well as the input aperture and adapted shaft length of the gearbox can be found in the product description and drawings on our website:

The mounting hole sizes of the motor and gearbox must match

Generally speaking, choosing the same outer dimensions of the motor and gearbox can ensure that their mounting holes match. However, some of our motors have different mounting hole sizes than others, and these motors cannot match standard gearboxes.
The dimensions of the mounting holes for the motor and gearbox can be found in the drawings.

Pay attention to the type of motor

Our standard gearboxes are for stepper motors, but we also have other types of motors for sale. Some of the motors have changed the mounting hole size to adapt to standard gearboxes (for example, 57x57 brushless motors adapt to standard NEMA 23 gearboxes), and some motors are matched with adapted gearboxes (for example, T6 series servo motors adapt to TG series gearboxes) gearbox), but there are still some motors that do not have an adapted gearbox.
When choosing other types of motors, you need to judge whether there is an adapted slave gearbox based on the parameters mentioned above.

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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