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How to Power the Driver Using AC Power

For some reason, some of our early drives were designed to run on AC power. Although the product has been updated now, the function of supporting AC power has been retained.

The stepperonline drivers that currently support AC input include: DM860T, DM860RS, CL86T, CL86T-V41, CLA86T, CL86RS, CL86Y.
When using AC to power the driver, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Transformer selection

When using AC power supply, the transformer is equivalent to the power supply of the driver, so it is important to choose the appropriate transformer.
The function of the transformer is similar to that of the DC power supply. The selection method of the transformer is also similar to the selection method of the DC power supply. The appropriate power and voltage are selected based on the current and driving voltage of the motor. The power calculation formula is: power = rated current. x drive voltage x number of drives x 1.2 (margin).

Driving voltage selection

When our driver uses AC, the voltage range is generally 18-80VAC or 20-70VAC.
However, we do not recommend using the maximum voltage to drive the driver. This will put a greater burden on the driver and may shorten the service life of the driver.

We generally recommend using 60/70VAC.

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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