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How to Set the Open Loop Mode of T-Series Closed Loop Drives

At present, the T series drivers sold by STEPPERONLINE have three versions: V3.0, V4.0 and V4.1. Among them, V3.0 needs to set open-loop mode through software on the PC side, while V4.0 and V4.1 are directly on the outside of the driver. It can be set through the DIP switch.
Let's take CL57T(V4.1) as an example to explain the setting of open-loop mode in detail.

Version 3.0

First use the RS232 and USB cables to connect the driver to the computer, open the software interface after power on, and click: "Connect".

Note here that the port must be selected correctly

After confirming that the port is selected correctly, click "Connect"

After the connection is successful, click "Parameters"

After entering the following interface, click "Read" to read the parameters first

Pull down to find the open/closed loop mode, you can see that the value "0" means open loop, and the value "1" means closed loop

Change the value to "0"

Click "Write"

Wait for the pop-up "saved successfully"

The last step, double-click "Save"

It will display "Save parameters successfully", indicating that your settings have been saved successfully

After the above steps are completed, it is recommended to disconnect the power and restart the driver to check whether the open-loop mode is set successfully
Note: The above steps are applicable to the parameter adjustment of the drive

Version 4.0/4.1

Find the "SW6" dial on the driver, you can see that the "off" state is the closed-loop mode, and the "on" state is the open-loop mode.

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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