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How to Use a Jumper Cap to Adjust the Upper Speed Limit of a Brushless Drive?

The brushless driver manual mentions that you can change the position of the jumper cap to change the upper speed limit of the driver.

Models include: BLD-510S, BLD-510B, BLD-405S, BLD-515C.

To adjust the jumpers, the housing must be removed. Adding a jumper cap to the board base is 1, not adding a jumper is 0.
By default, a wire cap is in position 4. Please refer to the table for the specific speed settings. This speed setting is used to limit the maximum speed of the motor, and the motor speed will remain below the set value. To ensure linearity of the 0~5V analogue input when the motor is running, it is generally recommended to set this value to the highest speed required for the actual application.

We have also prepared a video describing how to set the jumper cap. The link is as follows:

Note: For different numbers of pole pairs, for example: two pairs of poles run at 7000rpm, that is, a single pair of poles 14000rpm, four pairs of poles 14000/4=3500rpm, and five pairs of poles 14000/5=2800rpm;
Two pairs of poles run at 16,000rpm, that is, a single pair of poles runs at 32,000rpm, four pairs of poles run at 32,000/4=8,000rpm, and five pairs of poles run at 32,000/5=6,400rpm.

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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