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How to Use the PR Function of T6 Servo: Homing With Limit Switch Detect?

This article introduces how to use the PR function of T6 servo motor: homing with limit switch detect.


T6 servo driver and servo motor
DC 24V switching power supply

Function Description

Input the enable signal through the SI1 terminal, input the negative limit signal through the SI2 terminal, and input the Home signal through the SI3 terminal to achieve homing with limit switch detect.

How to implement the Function

Set Pr0.01=6, Pr8,10=0, Pr4.02=21, Pr4.01=26, Pr4.00=3.
Power off and then on T6, power off again, connect the wires, connect DC24V and switches to the SI1, SI2, and SI3 terminals respectively, and power on for testing.
Before running the motor, close the enable signal SRV-ON on the SI1 terminal.
Close the Home trigger switch on the SI3 terminal, the motor starts to run, and when it hits the limit switch on the SI2 terminal, it slows down and reverses.
Stop, this position is zero point. Return to zero is completed.

Updated on: 21/12/2023

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