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Installation, Maintenance and Care of Worm Gearbox

Installation Precautions:

The gearbox must be installed on a flat and solid base, and the foot bolts must be tight and shockproof.

The connecting shaft extensions of the prime mover - gearbox - working machine must be accurately aligned with each other after assembly.

The outer diameter tolerance of the shaft extension at the input end and output end of the gearbox is made according to h6. The inner holes of the matching couplings, pulleys, sprockets and other transmission parts must be configured according to the appropriate tolerance size to avoid over-tightening of the assembly and damage to the bearings. , too loose assembly affects normal power transmission.

When installing sprockets, gears and other transmission parts on the shaft extension, they should be as close to the bearing as possible to reduce the bending stress of the shaft extension.

When assembling the motor with the gearbox, grease should be applied to the inner hole wall and keyway of the worm head to avoid over-tightening of the assembly and prevent the shaft hole from rusting over time.

When using various types of motor direct-coupled gearboxes, if the weight of the motor is too large, a support device should be installed.

Precautions for use:

Before use, check whether the gearbox structure, center distance, transmission ratio, input shaft connection method, output shaft structure, output shaft direction and direction of rotation meet the requirements. The input speed of the worm should not exceed 1500rpm.

When starting up, the load should be applied gradually and should not be started at full load.

The NEMA25-90 gearbox is equipped with a refueling hole and an oil drain hole. ISOVg320 lubricating oil has already been added to the reduction gearbox before it leaves the factory, so the user does not need to add oil. The lubricating oil should be changed after 500 hours of continuous machine operation. The future oil change interval will be 6000 hours.

The NEMA110-150 gearbox is equipped with a refueling hole, an oil drain hole and an oil mark. Mineral lubricating oil ISOVG460 has been added to the reduction gearbox. The user must pull off the rubber ring on the breather before use.

Replace with new oil after the first 400 hours of operation, and change the oil every approximately 4,000 hours thereafter.

The maximum allowable oil temperature of the gearbox is 85°C. If it exceeds, it should be stopped for inspection.

If the gearbox has been left for more than 4-6 months before use and the oil seal is not immersed in lubricating oil, it is recommended to replace the oil seal.

If the ambient temperature of the gearbox exceeds or is 5°C lower than the ambient temperature specified in the table, please contact our company personnel to confirm whether the gearbox can be used normally.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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