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Method of Using RC Filtering of PWM Signal as AI1 Analog Input of EV200 VFD

If you use a Mach3 USB board, this board usually provides a 0-10V PWM output. Using this output to control the frequency of the EV200 can be achieved through the following methods.

The Mach3 USB board provides 0-10VPWM output, and the wiring method is as follows:

Connect a capacitor of no less than 0.1U between AI1 and GND. If the speed response is not high, you can increase the capacitor appropriately and connect a 100K resistor to the input end of AI1. As shown below.

Calculated as follows:

AI1 voltage=0.501743896*pulse amplitude*duty cycle

The calculated value may have some errors with the actual value. If the error occurs, you can use the curve correction method to make the error smaller. For correction methods, please refer to the parameters in the EV200 VFD manual: P4-13,P4-14,P4-15,P4-16. Find manul here.

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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