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Planetary Gearbox Installation Guide

Step 1: Before installation, make sure that the motor and gearbox are in good condition (if there is a motor key, it must be removed), and carefully check that the dimensions of each part connected to the motor and gearbox match, referring mainly to the size of the projection of the motor and the groove of the gearbox, and the fit tolerance.

Step 2: Check whether there are any foreign objects in the connection between the motor and the gearbox. Note that there may be a small amount of anti-rust oil in the gearbox, which will not affect the installation and operation of the gearbox.

Step 3: Adjust the coupling on the input side of the gearbox so that the mounting bolts are aligned with the process holes on the input flange of the gearbox so that an Allen wrench can be inserted. If there is a dust cover on the process hole on the input flange of the gearbox, it must be removed.

Step 4: Naturally connect the motor and gearbox. When connecting them, make sure that the input shaft of the gearbox and the output shaft of the motor are on the same centerline and that the outer flanges of the two are parallel.

Note: During installation, hitting the product with a hammer or other tools is strictly prohibited. Excessive axial or radial forces may cause damage or destruction of the bearings or gears inside the gearbox.

Step 5: Before tightening the screws, connect the motor and the gearbox with screws. To fasten the components evenly and avoid unevenness and jamming, the screws should be tightened in three steps:

First, screw four screws into the threaded holes, but do not tighten them yet.
Then lightly tighten the screws on the diagonals in sequence.
Finally, fully retighten the screws on the diagonals.

Step 6: Insert the Allen wrench into the process hole on the input flange of the gearbox and secure the clamping bolts on the coupling inside the gearbox. When tightening, the screws should be tightened alternately in two steps.

Step 7: Install the dust cover.

Updated on: 29/04/2023

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