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Selection and Application of Stepper Motor Brake

What is a brake stepper motor?

Stepper motors are equipped with encoders, reducers, brakes and other configurations to improve the motor's application range and performance. So what is a brake stepper motor? The so-called brake stepper motor is to install a brake device, that is, a braking device, at the end of the stepper motor. When the stepper motor is powered on, the brake is also powered on, and the braking device will also break away from the stepper motor output shaft, causing the motor to normal operation. When power is removed, the brake releases tightly to hold the motor shaft. Realize the function of frequently starting and stopping a stepper motor to ensure that the motor is powered on or locked when it is powered off.

The advantages and characteristics of stepper motors with brakes and brake stepper motors.

The stepper motor with brake is like a well-trained horse, ready for use at any time. From an industrial development perspective, the stepper motor is a great invention. It is driven by electromagnetic force and can accurately convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to achieve angular or linear displacement. Its step angle is precise, its rotation is smooth, and it responds quickly. With the pulse of current, it completes every action accurately. The addition of the brake device is the icing on the cake. It gives the stepper motor the ability to quickly lock its position when stopped, preventing accidental rotation due to external forces. This kind of locking force is powerful and reliable. No matter how the external environment changes, the stepper motor with brake can maintain its original position and remain unmoved.

Stepper motors with brakes also have many advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, long life, and easy maintenance. Its operation is quiet and efficient, producing almost no noise and vibration, providing great convenience for modern industrial production and daily life. In general, stepper motors with brakes are a combination of modern technology and art. It has both strong power and stable braking performance; it can accurately perform complex motion tasks and stop quickly when needed. With its unique advantages and wide range of application fields, it is leading the development of modern automation control field.

Under what working conditions does the stepper motor need to be braked?

For stepper motors equipped with brakes, the permanent magnet brake used has the characteristics of fast response, large holding force, and long service life. When the motor moves up and down, and when the equipment is powered off, it can maintain the torque so that the working object does not move. Will not fall off, which additionally enhances the diversification of stepper motor convenience in use. So what are the advantages of brake stepper motors and what industries are they widely used in?

When the motor is working, it can drive the mechanism up, but when the motor stops, it cannot guarantee that the platform mechanism will not fall. At this time, we need to use the brake to lock and drag the axis to position the platform height and accuracy. Currently, it is widely used in automated equipment such as dispensing machines, elevators, CNC machine tools, tapering machines, and packaging machines. Because these industries often use start-stop devices during work, they all require the use of brake stepper motors.

Updated on: 27/12/2023

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