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Speed Increase and Decrease of Planetary Gearbox

The planetary gearbox includes: planetary gear, sun gear, ring gear, planet carrier and other structures. Through the rotation of the gears between the planetary gear, sun gear and ring gear, the gearbox transmits speed and torque according to a certain proportion.

There are three transmission modes for planetary gears: fixed ring gear, fixed planet carrier, and fixed sun gear.

Theoretically speaking, planetary gearboxes can also be used as speed increasers, and planetary gearboxes are also used in wind turbines. However, our conventional planetary gearbox is not recommended for use in wind turbines, mainly for the following reasons:

The structures and designs of speed-increasing gearboxes and reduction gearboxes are different

The gearbox of a wind turbine is generally used as a speed increaser. The gearbox bears the force from the wind wheel and the reaction force generated during gear transmission. It must be rigid enough to withstand the force and moment, prevent deformation, and ensure transmission. quality. And our planetary gearbox is designed for stepper motor deceleration. Due to structural and design reasons, if our gearbox is used on a wind turbine, the following situations may occur:
The strength of the shaft does not meet the requirements, and there may be a risk of shaft breakage during use;
The wear of the gearbox increases and the accuracy decreases;
The efficiency of the gearbox is very low

Different conditions of use

Our planetary gearboxes are generally used together with motors on machinery and equipment, while wind turbines are generally located in special environments such as outdoors and high altitudes, with harsh operating conditions, which may cause the gearbox to be more easily damaged.
In addition, due to changes in wind speed, the load on the gearbox is unstable, which may have a greater impact on the gears of the gearbox.

Herefore, the gearbox of a wind turbine generally needs to be specially designed, and we do not recommend using our planetary gearbox for wind turbines.
The function of our planetary gearbox on the stepper motor is to reduce the speed and increase the torque, and is used as a reducer.

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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